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Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy



The power of stillness. Private or group guided meditation sessions in a sweet, cozy unique environment away from the hustle and bustle can give you the jump start you need. Tips for adding a home practice, walking meditation, etc.

Private Yoga Classes


Curious about yoga and not sure where to start? Want to deepen your practice with a comfortable one-on-one session? Have injury past or present and want to be alignment-safe in your practice? Occasionally we are intimidated in large groups or prefer a little extra attention! 

Custom Workshop for Groups


Private Yoga class for Weddings, corporate events, etc. Also, leadership groups benefit from learning about the Doshas, mindfulness practices, yoga poses in the workplace, etc. I offer a wide range of customized events from a couple hours, or 1-5 days!

What's my Dosha?


Customized Ayurveda Consultations and Package Sessions! Feeling out of balance or wanting to stay in balance during the changes of the season or life events? Pranayama, asana, mindfulness, nutrition, essential oils, etc. catered just for you!

Yes, I travel....& I do it well!


Own a studio or community space or know of one to hold an event? I'll Come to YOU! I'll plan my own travel arrangements! Also, I can provide guidance for those who want to be better at travelling! 

Ayurvedic Treatments


Following your Ayurvedic Consultations you may choose from 5 ancient treatments I offer including Bliss Therapy: Abhyanga, Shirodhara, & Svedana, Chakra Basti, etc. Weekend Residential Retreats are 


Message me for details! 

Awaken to the Magic of Your True Nature ™

I Believe in Yoga for Everyone and Every BODY


Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, teaches us the principles of harmonious living in balance with nature, society, our own individual constitution and the universal consciousness. Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India with over a 5000 year history and is recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the world's main medical systems. 

Yoga isn't about how you look in a pose or in your yoga pants, how flexible you are, or how long you can hold an arm balance.  It's about how you are BEING. It's about so much more than the Asana practice, the movement. It's about mindfulness, meditation, reveling in the pause and increasing the gaps between action and reaction. It's about a life without suffering and learning to find a path of compassion, and living your truth. It's about practice and it's about doing the work.  Practice and all is coming. 

Finding what works for you is the key to feeling successful in your practice. Yoga meets us where we are...and every day is a new opportunity. Recognizing that each and every day, each time we come to our mats is a new opportunity for awakening, expansion, growth, and learning allows us to be perhaps a little more playful, light and ... open to receive, receiving the experience of it all. 

Meet your wandering mind with compassion. Too often we attempt to yank the mind back from straying off the path. Learning to gently witness the wandering mind, remembering and beginning again, brings a sense of peace, a sense of calm, and ...well, not taking yourself too seriously.   As Rolf Gates says, forgive yourself for being a learner in this lifetime. 

Upcoming Events


2-22-2020 thru 2-29-2020

Awaken to the Magic!

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat - COSTA RICA - with the fabulous Jennifer Taylor of Tulivesi Yoga, Marquette, MI



Redmond, OR

Awaken to the Magic

Ayurveda Intro Workshop

March 21, 2020 1-4p $45


May 30 & 31, 2020

A weekend 2-part Workshop

Noon to 4 Saturday and Sunday

$99 for both days!!

Sign up on Mind Body or


"Everything Led Us to This"

A unique retreat adventure with Channon Burns of Pure Pilates PDX

March 13th to 21st, 2021

www.PranamarVillas.com in the fabulous Blue Zone region of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula. Registration opens soon! Mark your calendars now for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Teaching Schedule



Love Bird Yoga, Redmond, OR

8:00a- 8:45a Meditation Station

9a - 10:15a Soul Flow/Vinyasa

Noon - 12:45p Mellow Flow

Upcoming classes I'll be subbing at Love Bird Yoga downtown Redmond

February 10th 6p Yin

March 27th 9a Vinyasa

April 2 9a Vin/Yin

April 3 9a Vinyasa

April 23 530p Vin/Yin

7p Yin

April 25 9a Vinyasa

May 23 9a Vinyasa

Weekly Private Lessons

Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons

Call to Schedule

Guided Group Meditation

Open to the Public

Call to schedule

Ayurvedic essential oil Blends



Dosha and seasonal balancing blends - in sprays, Abhyanga Oil, roll-ons, diffuser drams, body butter, deodorant, & bath salts! Contact me directly for purchase - or visit Wren and Wild, downtown Bend or at the Lululemon store in the Old Mill!! I will also customize a blend for you based on your Prakruti 7

 Vikruti. Schedule a consultation to find out!



Wide variety of products - want to have a making party??? So fun and educational! Contact me for more details!

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about my private class schedules. You can also find me on Instagram @HeatherGrayTenBroek. 

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Heather Gray TenBroek, AWAKEN Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy

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Classes at THE SHEFFIELD, The Betty Jane on Riverfront, GROOVE YOGA, and starting January 8th, 2020



It's Either a F*#@ YES or it's a NO!


This has become my mantra, my mission, and my truth. If I have to think about it, analyze it, hem and haw over it, it's a no. If it fills my heart and soul with pure joy and truth, it's a YES!!  Learning to listen to my heart's truth, my intention becomes clear, and my path becomes brighter, more illuminated. 

I love myself.

The quietest.


Most Powerful 

Revolution. Ever. 

-  nayyirah.waheed